Narrate Your PDFs

Share documents with voice and video narration that capture and hold your customer's attention.

Be persuasive, when you can't be there.

Guide customers through your document with per page voice and video narration.

Put your best asset first. You.

It's about authenticity. When you narrate your document, you put your personality front and center and start building a trusted relationship with your customer.

Build trust.

Up your professional game. Using your logo, business URL, and a better presentation of your document, you'll build customer confidence in your message.

Overcome short attention spans.

Narration focuses a customer's attention and keeps them engaged on each and every page.

Get instant feedback.

With realtime open notifications, per page engagement tracking, passwords and gated access, you'll be able to act on customer engagement as it happens.

Start impressing customers in 3 simple steps.


Way better than screen recorders.

Video Clips

Record in short bursts. No need to nail a perfected narration in one go.

Multiple Narrators

Easily divide different narrations between pages, to bring expertise to the right content.

Video or Audio Only

Switch it up, add variation and alternate choices between video or audio.


Customers can go at their own pace, interacting with your page before continuing on.

A Simple Link

It's easy to share, unlike huge data hogging screen recording files.

Crystal Clear

Zoom in, read, search, and do way more with your content than you can with a blurry video recording.